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The Valdai Mind&Body

A yoga retreat is not only fashionable, but also useful for tourism. Journey with a team of professionals from yoga helps not only to improve its own practices to get in shape, relieve stress, learn to meditate and tune in to proper nutrition, but also to see the world, meet new friends …

… On the ticket. Good morning. Fragment release from 24.03.2017

In this episode you can see footage in our club.

A place where the traveler is always welcomed. Ecotourism in Valdai

Every day eco-tourism is gaining momentum and is becoming more attractive for travelers. The development of this direction in Russia has become popular only recently, but already we have something to show.

«EKO had built!» — report on the portal «Russian tourism»

Valdai is a wonderful place. The forest here is so fabulous, mushrooms and berries, ferns and moss, sand paths that wander through them want more and more.

The TV series «Laugh or cry»

In August 2015 in rolling out a new series of Alexander Baranov «Laughter and sin» (working title «Not the end of the blue sea»). The shooting of the series took place at the Valdai. Starting with the 4 series picture, You can see the interiors of the hotel «Valday Eco Club» and the surrounding area.

Конкурс Tripadvisor

TRIPADVISOR объявил, что Валдай Эко Клуб» стал абсолютным победителем конкурса TripAdvisor «Travellers' Choice™» 2015 года, заняв первое место среди отелей Новгородской области.

The TV show «Price of dreams»

The American, Charlie Brechtel has a dream: to travel by motorbike from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. Vladimir Roshchin decides to help an American biker. Now Charlie will have to overcome the language barrier, taste the soup and see the real Russia. On 19-th minute of the film Charlie will visit the «Valday Eco Club».

Malaja Rodina

Long found its audience, the program «little homeland», enthusiasm and talent proving that life can rage not only in the capital cities, and the most interesting people live in the province.

The authors of the documentary cycle «Small homeland» collect materials, traveling to Novgorod region.

The Magazine «Domodedovo»

On the pages of the edition of flight magazine «Domodedovo» for the season «Winter 2013 — 2014» in the section «Discovering Russia» You can see information about «Valday Eco Club» (p. 78)

The magazine «Movement of life»

On the pages of the edition of flight magazine «Movement of life» of the airline El al Vodohod» in the section «My country» You can see information about «Valday Eco Club» (p. 57)

The magazine «National Geographic Russia» in January 2014

On the pages issue National Geographic Traveler in January 2014. in the section «pulse of the planet» You can see information about «Valday Eco Club» (p. 140)

The journal «Vestnik of Sport of the Russian Federation» in October 2013

Widely known throughout Russia, «the journal of Sports of the Russian Federation» once again pleases its readers with interesting stories about the sport, as well as the preparation for the Olympics Sochi 2014.

On the pages (p. 64 — p. 65) release for October 2013 You will be able to see information about «Valday Eco Club»

Newspaper LeFigaro

In the French newspaper «LeFigaro» you can see the article on «Valday Eco Club»

Newspaper «Valdai». Issue from 15.02.2013.

In the newspaper «Valdai» from 15.02.13. issue No. 6 (13316) You will be able to see the article on «Valday Eco Club».

The Magazine «National Geographic Traveler»

National Geographic Traveler — the Russian version of the legendary American edition, which for 20 years of its existence has gained the widest readership among travel journals.

The guide from the «Orange guide»

In the Moscow publishing house «EKSMO» in 2012 he released a new guide Eugene golomolzina «Highway Moscow — Saint-Petersburg» of the series «Orange guide».

Radio «Vesti.FM»

In an interview on 13.10.2010 on the radio «Vesti.FM» with Tina Kandelaki was a mention of «Valday Eco Club».

The TV Channel «Russian Travel Guide»

In the summer of 2010 the world famous TV channel Russian Travel Guide filmed a video interview about the Valdai region, including on «Valday Eco Club».