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15 november 2015 year | Shooting of the movie «Laugh and sin»

In August 2015 in rolling out a new movie of Alexander Baranov «Laughter and sin» (working title «Not the end of the blue sea»). The shooting of the movie took place at the Valdai. Starting with the 4 series picture, You can see the interiors of the hotel «Valday Eco Club» and the surrounding area.

21 september 2015 year | «Programme of events for the New year holidays»

Under «Leisure and entertainment» appeared the program of events for the new year holidays. The program can be viewed here.

21 september 2015 year | «Prices for new year holidays»

In the «Guest apartments» appeared accommodation prices for new year holidays.

Prices can be viewed here.

5 september 2015 year | «Bath Express»

05 September, 2015. in the bath complex «Valday Eco Club» launched a new «Bath Express». Prices for services can be viewed here.

5 august 2015 year | «Accommodation Prices»

In the «Guest apartments and prices» appeared accommodation rates for October-December 2015.

More information available here.

23 july 2015 year | «Board for SUP sailing»

A new kind of water fun in «Valday Eco Club» is a stand-up paddle surfing SUP. To float on the Board for Stand Up Paddle boarding — SUP, you don’t need ocean waves or the sea coast. You can paddle on any body of water, whether river, small lake or calm coast.
More information can be found here.

7 july 2015 year | «The Contest of Tripadvisor»

The hotel «Valday eco Club» was transformed into a hotel — the winner of the 2015 competition TRIPADVISOR «TRAVELLERS' CHOICE»

More information can be found here.

24 june 2015 year | «Gift cakes to order from the «Valday Eco Club»

Gingerbread has long played diverse ceremonial role in the old Russian everyday life. Sophisticated wedding ceremonies and feasts, the days of housewarming, name days, festive meal had in the old days, a close ritual connection with decorative gingerbread. Made cakes, like bread, kvass and Braga, business home way.
«Valday Eco Club» offers a large range of cakes to order.
More information can be found here.

23 june 2015 year | «Inhalation with mineral water for adults and children»

In the world some of the most common are diseases of the respiratory system.
In our «Spa room» you can undergo a prophylactic inhalations with mineral water. Inhalation with mineral water — this is the most simple and effective method for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the upper and middle respiratory tract.
More information can be found here.

23 june 2015 year | The Russian new drink «Ivan-tea»

One of the most unique plants known to man for centuries, is fireweed. Nature itself took care of the beneficial properties of willow-herb, and assembled in this plant the bulk of the elements of the periodic table. Vitamin a number of Ivan-tea is presented In b vitamins and C.