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On this page you can leave your opinion about our work, as well as feedback about your stay at our vacation home.

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26 august 2016 year | Family Panchenko. Moscow

Thanks to everyone who came up with such a wonderful place to stay. Everything is thought out, creative and, really, eco.
Lovely staff. Always with a smile. All-all — young! And so nice to see them.
Thank you.

21 august 2016 year | Family Harkavyj, far East, Khabarovsk; Family Holding, Velikiy Novgorod

The administration and employees of «Eco club» thank You so much for the good mood and wonderful service. For comfort and beauty, cosy beautiful houses, well-groomed nature…
We have a sea of positive emotions.hard to describe. It was worth driving all the way across Russia to see and feel this beauty!!!
Thank you!!!

13 august 2016 year | Katerinichev A. V.

Thank you so much for a great stay, come to you for a second time and go home with great regret that I can not longer extend the pleasure. Wonderful and helpful staff. Always willing to help in any situation.
Individual wishes for all women and girls working in the Eco — Club Valday, with all my heart I wish you all good husbands, Boyfriends and lovers. Be loved and happy. You are all beautiful. After all, the meaning of life is Love.

8 august 2016 year | Family Evseevykh

Favorite Valday and the surrounding area! Things have been as great as a year ago.
August 7, 2015 we have created a family here, and a year immersed in the same tale!
Thank you for the comfort, delicious food, healthy couples in the bath, in a great mood!!!
Will definitely return in the 3-rd time!!!

8 august 2016 year | Noisy company of 17,15 and 21 rooms.

For the second year in a row, rest in this wonderful place. Only one positive! A big thank you to the maintenance staff in the face of a young and patient students. Vacationing with children. I liked everything. The food is very tasty. Really liked the option of being able to cook his mushrooms and the fish that are caught. Invaluable the fact that the hotel area is handled from biting. From wishes: gather a large amount of strawberry jam and more simple children’s menu.

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