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Our Valday Eco Club team is at your service to organize exciting excursions in the Valday District.

Map of attractions

All rights to this video demonstrates a possible tour routes in the Valdai area. We gladly organize and conduct tours of your choice.

Town of Valday

The town of Valday is located in 15 km from the Valday Eco Club, on the highest section of the Valday Hills, in the midst of a coniferous forest on the shores of Valday Lake. Valday is an ancient town; the settlement has been growing for six centuries. The first written mention of the town appears in a 1481 document.

Valday Monastery

The Valday Sviato-Ozerskiy Monastery, founded by Patriarch Nikon in 1653, is located in 20 km from the Valday Eco Club, on Ryabynovy (Selevitskiy) Island. Nikon asserted that when he taking the holy relics of Metropolitan Phillip from Moscow to the Solovetskiy Monastery, he had a miraculous vision, which directed him to the exact place of this monastery.

Korotsko Nunnery

The Korotsko Nunnery was founded in 1864, due to donations gathered from all over Russia. It is located in 6 km from the Valday Eco Club near Korotsko village, on the shores of Korotsko Lake, the birthplace of Saint Tikhon Zadonskiy.

Sacred springs near the Izhitsa Village

These sacred springs are located 30 km from the Valday Eco Club, on the way to Velikiy Novgorod (right after the signpost indicating Izhitsa Village). The memory of the people connects this holy place with the Kazan icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it is well-known that this ancient icon appeared in Kazan in 1579.

Sacred Springs near the Korotsko Village

These recently restored miracle-working springs are located in 1.5 km from the Valday Eco Club; the area also includes a bathing house and a chapel dedicated to the Great Martyr, Paraskeva Piatnitsa (on July 29, 2010 Father Igor consecrated the chapel with the blessing of the Patriarch Novgorodsky).

Mshentsy radon springs

Eighty kilometers from the Valday Eco Club, on the way to Borovichi in the Bologovskiy District, there is a small village called Mshentsy. Here, between the Church of the Great Martyr Paraskeva Piatnitsa and the cemetery, you can visit radon springs — one of the amazing and rare natural phenomena famous for their beauty and purity.