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… and how to meet, and not to scare the metal Rabbit (Cat).

2011 — the year of white metal Rabbit (Cat). The year of the Hare meets the following years of birth: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

Proud and boastful Tiger gives way to the Hare carefree and optimistic. But behind the apparent carelessness of the Hare hiding his constant anxiety. The hare after all!

Rabbit (cat) observant, intelligent, loving, friendly, very romantic and faithful to those whom he loves, although restless, timid, pedantic and too self-involved.

The wise Chinese have noticed that the 28th year of the 60 year cycle, to which belongs the year 2011 of the white rabbit, is characterized with ambiguity and apparent serenity. The dualistic nature of the Rabbit (Cat), on the one hand is simple and unpretentious, and with another — a complex and daunting to determine all of 2011, playing on human weaknesses, characters and moods.

This means that 2011 will be a year of sharp UPS and downs, both in business and in personal life. People with strong character can easily manage it, and true Rabbits will tend to go to the burrow, but at the same time, the optimism inherent in all Rabbits, will not give them long to stay there. For this «burrowing» time, they will gain the confidence and courage, and can turn even the most unfavorable situation to your advantage.

Festive table

On the festive table must be apples and millet. You should not bring to the table any hare or rabbit, so as not to Wake the Hare outgoing Tiger! In General, it is better to give preference to a variety of vegetable and fruit salads, casseroles, puddings, cheesecake. Rabbit (Cat) can also be please with curd and cakes on the basis of sour cream.

As the element in 2011 — Metal, use of metal jewelry (for example, metal vases and candle holders) and the beautiful metal utensils. Don’t forget to buy the figures with the symbol of the coming New year and give them to friends. Leave yourself and figure, put it on a shelf or attach it to the refrigerator to cater to the incoming New year.

How to celebrate New year 2011.

Of course, dressed as a cat or hare, but it is the children. Adults need to consider an outfit that will match the colors of the Rabbit (Cat). The most famous white rabbit with red or blue eyes, but there are also black, brown, blue or bluish, black-brown, silver and yellow rabbits. Suggest to dress up in clothes of linen, cotton, wool light pastel colors, although valid also yellow, brown, silver, beige, blue and orange. And, of course, don’t forget about decorations — you can use any noble metal.

What to give?

Along with Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree is to put a bunch of carrots or a small pot of cream to treat the symbol 2011. And under the striking of the clock make a wish, and you can palaukti (after all, it’s the year of the Cat). Bunny (the cat) loves his personalized Souvenirs, especially made by You. It can be warm knitted items featuring the character. Bunny (the cat) being home, loves warmth and comfort, so embroidery, even potted plants in a knitted planter will please both.

We wish You a happy New year!