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Before the revolution in our country in the Christmas holidays was very common puppet performance the performance. Their organizers went home and talked about the events of Christmas night. Since 1917, when it started anti-religious propaganda, the first blow came under the traditions and rituals associated with Christmas. They, like the traditional Tree, was strictly prohibited. And this tradition was forgotten by our compatriots.

Over Christmas 2012. «Valday Eco Club» will try to resume this wonderful tradition.

The word «den» corresponds to the Latin term «praesepe», meaning in translation «a manger, a feeding trough for cattle». In the Christian perception of this term has a generic meaning as the place of the Nativity. The Nativity scene has no standards either in size or in number of characters, or even in time (its main plot may be transferred to the present). The one constant in the centuries remains the scene at the manger where the newborn baby Jesus. In addition, a Nativity scene called a theatrical production on Christmas themes. According to Scripture, the Son of God — the Baby Jesus Christ was born in a cave, where we stopped for the night, the virgin Mary and the righteous Joseph.

In Russia, the Nativity scene has been known since the XVII century. However, the origins of the Christmas puppet theatre is much older. In Ukraine, this theatre was known from the XVI century. It little Russia gave Russia such a unique tradition. The Ukrainian Vertep, in turn, became the successor of the Polish shopky. And in Poland Christmas puppet theatre came from the Catholic culture of Europe. In the beginning of the tenth century in Rome there was a tradition to present in the temple scenes from the life of Christ. This view lasted for several days. But the scene of the Nativity has never played a live plan. She was present in the temple for all the action from Birth to death of the Savior. The virgin, Joseph and Christ child portrayed dolls, which were made famous sculptors. Dolls, which had the honor to play the virgin Mary in Italy called puppets.

Hence the tradition to arrange in Catholic churches in Christmas Nativity scenes. Then began to make the crib smaller. They were prevented in boxes, made in the form of the temple. Since the den came out of the temple and came into the house of a man. Western Nativity set was mechanical, the figures in them were moving in a circle.

In Ukraine, the boxes for Nativity scene were made in peasant homes. After all, in the Orthodox Church it was not customary to install a sculptural image.

In Russian tradition, the Nativity scene was small, light, adobepremiere drawers. Their size depended on the size of dolls. While performance figures were not to be less than the index finger. Nativity boxes in Ukraine on the size was much more Russian Nativity set. They can be called monumental. Nativity effigies were made of wood. Usually the Nativity scenes in the Ukraine ordered the carpenters to put up the Christmas. And carpenter, for a long time cutting out wooden figures for a Nativity scene, imbued with the spirit of Christmas.

But the entertainment of puppet action and will not be in the main den. Performance figures will remain the illustration of the spiritual content of the texts. Lyrics in Christmas Nativity scenes in the folk tradition represented detached. Them or sang spiritual verses, or saying in sozialnoy form, or just speak without any intonation.

However, in the detachment of the text view and driving figures achieved complete harmony holistic artistic experience. It is necessary to mention that the Nativity scene was presented late in the evening, by candlelight. And a burning candle was part way puppet Christmas display.

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