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It is common knowledge that Russians love to eat well. Feasting runs in our blood. Just remember some famous Russian classics — Gogol writing about old-world landowners or Bulgakov describing the Griboyedov restaurant, — or just think back to the family parties in your own childhood. At the end of the 18th century, a Russian historian pointed out that abundance is one of the most prominent features of Russian meals, and not only in well-off families.

Despite its long-standing history, Russian cuisine is one of the few in the world that has not changed much. Today, as in older times, Russians prefer to indulge in various kinds of soups, boiled cereals and freshly-prepared vegetables and berries. Bread has been a staple from ancient times. It is difficult to believe that some 150 years ago our ancestors could eat up to a kilo of bread together with a bowl of soup.

Professional dieticians have developed healthy low-calorie food especially for the Valday Eco Club restaurant.


Our chefs will offer you newly-concocted and varied restaurant courses, as well as nourishing and tasty home-style meals.


If you order any drinks and desserts at the bar, you can relax in the restaurant hall, or outdoors on the terrace overlooking the lake, and at the bar.

Also in the bar you can buy Souvenirs that can please not only You but also Your friends and relatives.


Not only does the Valday Eco Club offer fantastic conditions for family holidays, but it also Allows you to take home some of its own products when you leave the hotel.