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The cycle of the Slavic holidays

Almost all the holidays of the Slavs coincide with the life cycle of the Earth, and therefore has significance not only spirituality, but different — introduction to the Nature, bringing into your life a sense of Land — living matter. Even if you do not celebrate these days, but simply remember them, in front of a man will bring youth, maturity and old age of our mother Earth.

Program «Revival of Slavic traditions. The festivals of the Slavs»

The Slavs — is the worship of the Holy spirit nature of which man himself is.

Animals that live in Valday national Park

On the territory of the Valdai national Park meet about 50 mammal species, at least 180 birds, 5 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and about 40−45 species of fish. Of the larger mammals the most common elk and wild boar is not uncommon for brown bear and wolf. Ordinary hare, beaver, squirrel, Fox, raccoon dog, marten, weasel, ermine, European mink, badger. Much rarer flying squirrel, otter, forest polecat, lynx. The most common reptiles in the Park — viviparous lizard and adder. Slow worm, sand lizard and grass snake are much rarer. Amphibians are represented by common Triton, gray toad, common frog, grass, moor pond and lake frogs.

Fish that live in the lake Borae

Ichthyofauna of lakes and reservoirs of the Valdai National Park is represented by 40−45 species of fish. The most common inhabitants of lakes and rivers are pike, bream, ide, whitefish, vendace, burbot, pike perch, common catfish, snail (European smelt), common eel, tench, common asp, carp, golden and silver crucian carp. The inhabitants of the small stony rivers of the park are considered to be rare: European grayling, trout, European brook lamprey and ordinary stump (the latter is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation).

Easter — The Bright Resurrection Of Christ

The Feast of the Bright Resurrection, Easter, is the main event of the year for Orthodox Christians and the largest Orthodox holiday. The word «Easter» came to us from the Greek language and means «transgression», «deliverance». On this day, we celebrate the deliverance through Christ the Savior of all mankind from slavery to the devil and granting us life and eternal bliss. As the cross of Christ’s death, our redemption is accomplished, so His eternal life is granted to us by the Resurrection.

Victory Day

The great Patriotic war of 1941−1945 is considered the largest armed conflict in human history. On a huge front, which stretched from the Black sea to the Barents sea, both sides fought about 12 million people were used from 5 to 20 thousand tanks and self-propelled artillery installations, from 150 to 320 thousand guns and mortars, from 7 to 19 thousand aircraft. Such a huge scale of hostilities and the concentration of such large masses of military equipment the history of wars did not know.


Agri-tourism define tourism organized in rural area with relatively untouched nature, in which visitors are provided comprehensive services for accommodation, recreation, meals, excursion service, organization of leisure and sports activities, organization of fishing, hunting, the acquisition of knowledge about natural and cultural and ethnographic features of the area.


Halloween is one of the oldest festivals in the world. In this strange holiday intertwined Celtic tradition of honoring evil spirits and Christian — worship to all the saints. The history of Halloween has Millennium, from the Celtic festival of Samhain, the Roman Pomona Day and the Christian all saints Day.

Beach games

Kubb (Scandinavian towns)



Ordinary fowl

(Numida meleagris) is a bird of the family Tsesarevich. The only species of the genus Numida, the old name is Numida ptilorhynca domesticated by humans. Characterized by horn-shaped appendage on the crown and a red fleshy beard. In East Africa, referred to as Kanga (Swahili kanga or khanga), in South Africa, also called generally (Afrikaans).


It seems that only recently we celebrated the New year, happy Christmas season and Russian winter with its white snow, a sled, games, strong winds and dark Northern nights. But the sun came out, bright and cheerful, and we realized that Spring had come. And Spring have to come across as a dear guest.

Ignach Cross

June 29, 2003. deep in the forests of Novgorod on a crossroads of two roads that go past the lake Deaf, between the villages of Camenca and Great Backyard, near the village Yazhelbitsy, was solemnly consecrated concrete cross in memory of Ignach cross, which is 765 years ago, saved Novgorod the Great, and thus all Russia from the Mongol enslavement full.

Fishing in Valdai

Knowledgeable fishermen willing to confirm that fishing in Valdai, it is something unforgettable. Of course, for enthusiasts, any fishing away from the city, where one nibble is replaced by another nibble to be good, but what are the advantages of fishing it on the Valdai lake and the other lakes of the Valdai region?

School holidays

School time — a time of carefree childhood when children gain knowledge, every day learn something new. At this time young, growing bodies need not only knowledge, but also in the holiday, fresh impressions, which will help to more seamlessly organize the learning process. The best time for this in the school holidays.

Holidays in may in Valdai

Valdai is a wonderful place with a beautiful, special nature and may holidays at Valdai — another reason to visit this hospitable land.

Shrovetide celebrations at Valdai

In the last week before lent, seven weeks before Russian Easter, people came the carnival, which means the end of winter and arrival of spring.

Tourism in Novgorod region

In our time relaxing in the Novgorod region are not only available to all, but simply gushes with positive emotions for Russian and foreign tourists. Lakes and rivers of the Novgorod region are full of fish, quiet backwaters and scenic shores.

About Heaven and Valday

Crawling the Internet in search of adventure, the wife came to Valdai. The ancient countryside, not far from Moscow. Learned that it rhymes well with the concept of «Paradise». And, according to the testimony of Patriarch Nikon from the XVII century, really is…

The Beauty Of Karelia

The rest is a matter of taste. Someone rushing to the sea, and someone pulls in the mountains; some people prefer to lie on the beach, and someone attracted to an active holiday with excursions and an extensive cultural program; someone beckon in a faraway exotic country, and someone who likes to relax at home. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia today is the Republic of Karelia. About the rest in Karelia will be discussed in this article.

Seliger: relax, relax!

Look for the answer to the perennial question — what do you need Russian tourists? What can you offer to vacationers on lake Seliger in the enlightened and advanced twenty-first century? Than has the industry of tourism and hospitality in this God’s Paradise of the Valdai hills?


Sorry for the prosaic and monosyllabic name. I would like more romantic (Seliger deserves it!), but still Ilf and Petrov wrote that the title of the «Legend of the lake Issyk-Kul» — it’s gone.

Valday Park

Mouth already stuffed representation of some Western tourists on Russia (morning cleaning new foot bindings of the Kremlin stars and bears, drinking from a samovar vodka to the accompaniment of accordion and balalaika…).


What is interesting in the suburbs? It is even called the Suburbs. The same birch trees just a little bit straighter and higher than in Bittsevsky Park, the same air, only more fragrant and fresher than in the local parks, the same grass, the same birds.