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Someone rushing to the sea, and someone pulls in the mountains; some people prefer to lie on the beach, and someone attracted to an active holiday with excursions and an extensive cultural program; someone beckon in a faraway exotic country, and someone who likes to relax at home. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia today is the Republic of Karelia, leisure on its open spaces we will describe in this article.

What is Karelia relaxing on its lakes? This excursions and fishing, is a sport and a huge number of cultural attractions and historical monuments, it is a lot of fun, besides, to visit the tourist center of Karelia is good for health. A good combination of vivid, picturesque nature and rich history of the region has attracted tourists for a long time, both from Russia and from abroad. It is important to note that the rest in Karelia is possible not only in summer but in any season, the base of Karelia are always waiting for you! This is a great opportunity to «skip» on the weekend in a magical land and to make, for example, water walk. A beautiful change of scenery, albeit short-term, will benefit everyone. All these advantages led to rapid development of the industry of tourism and rest in Karelia, which is observed today.

My acquaintance with Karelia, however, did not begin with its tourist attractions. At one time I had to work at the Nadvoitsy aluminum plant, on the white sea canal, and in mid-February. A good way working life has been diluted and fallen at this time holidays, on which it was decided to go to Petrozavodsk, capital of Karelia. On the way we appreciated the dramatic change in the landscape around. Gently sloping hills, which sometimes cut through the road was covered with vegetation, only vaguely resembled a forest in Central Russia. The expanses were vast. Winter city has not made me much of an impression, but lake Onega… rent a snowmobile, I went to explore its vast expanses, equipped with strict orders further loss of sight not to call and to beware of polynyas left by fans of winter fishing. After getting used to the machine I, defying all orders, stepped on the gas and rushed into the vast snowy expanses. This feeling of freedom I had not experienced. The lake was covered with a thick layer of puffy fluffy snow, which exploded with runners of a snowmobile. Since this region could not leave me indifferent.

The second meeting with Karelia, though mediated, occurred in connection with Onega regatta. It was attended by many of my friends, and I was full of their stories about her and the journey «from the Vikings to the Greek», i.e. from Pirogovo to Onega.

The main attraction Kareli, no doubt, are its numerous lakes. The three largest internal reservoir in Europe — lakes Ladoga and Onega and the White sea complement the more than 60 thousand lakes of lesser magnitude. This required Karelia title «Paradise» for fans to test themselves on the water. Water tourism is a rapidly developing field, judging at least because of how consistently certain of my friends start to call me to the tourist center of Karelia rafting as soon as the summer sun rises on the horizon.

Three Islands, three bulwark of Orthodox spirituality are on the borders of Karelia: in the South of Kizhi, Valaam West, Solovki in the North.

The pearl of Karelia — Kizhi — one of the 1650 Islands of lake Onega, glorified for centuries masterpieces of Zaonezhye carpenters. By the decision of UNESCO Kizhi architectural ensemble was included in the list of the best monuments of wooden architecture of world importance. Everyone who saw the Kizhi live, marvel at the filigree work of the carvers who created these gorgeous, fragile and delicate structure.

Rich lake Onega and testimonies of ancient culture. Cape Besov nos on the Eastern shore of the lake through millions of years has brought us to the pattern, chipped on rocks by ancient people of the Neolithic period. Mysterious labyrinths, sanctuaries of the ancient Saami «seids» and the petroglyphs is what attracts the Karelian Pomerania not only lovers of fishing and water sports, but also scientists, explorers of ancient cultures, and us, are susceptible to every «drevenice and autenticando».

About 50 make up the island of Valaam archipelago on lake Ladoga. The unique nature, magnificent temples have attracted a string of famous people: Kuindzhi, Tchaikovsky, Shishkin, Leskov, Korovin, Shmelev, Tyutchev and many, I’m unfortunately not well-known characters.

About Solovki can write for a long time. They deserve a separate article because of its long tragic history of the hard struggle of man with nature, with the political regime and, finally, with himself. This place is a Testament to the greatness and indestructibility of the human spirit. Although the territory of the Solovetsky archipelago officially belongs to the Arkhangelsk region, can be reached by boats from Karelian towns.

Looking at the map Karelia, I was surprised to come across a town of Kem. «Kem parish, ya, ya, Kem parish», performed overseas Ambassador with long hair and nose flashed in my head shots of my favorite movie of childhood. It turns out that Kem fortress served to protect Pomerania from the Western conquerors. Apparently faithfully served, once the Ambassador had to ask Ivan the terrible personally about its surrender.

Speaking of Karelia, not to mention the white sea-Baltic canal is 227 km artificial waterway between the lake Onega and the White Sea. At the time of BBK revived dormant for centuries the region.

Karelia, recreation and nature reserves. On the territory of Karelia there are several national parks and reserves. Together they account for nearly 5% of its area. Among them NP «Vodlozersky», with an area of almost half a million hectares on the territory of which is inhabited by certain types of animals and plants, which is not found anywhere on the planet. It is Europe’s largest array of forests, virtually untouched by man.

Karelia, recreation and nature reserve «Kostomuksha». Lake Stone gave rise to the reserve «Kostomukshsky», which gave shelter to many rare species of animals and birds, such as black stork. The great thing is it is located near Europe’s largest mining enterprise Karelsky Okatysh. How many writings, I suppose I should have this fairy tale come to life, defenders of nature.

Karelia, recreation and the national Park «Paanajarvi». National Park «Paanajarvi» in the far North of Karelia for 1,000 years didn’t hear the axe of a logger. That, in principle, not surprising, as this area is mainly covered with rocks yeah mosses. Also on site are 3 major peaks of Karelia.

Karelia, recreation and mud resorts. Mud resorts of Russia — well, it’s certainly on the Stavropol territory, and say you’re right, but only partially. «Marcial waters» — the first mud resort of Russia located in Karelia. The source of healing chalybeate waters was opened in 1714 and, according to tradition, enjoyed great popularity of Peter the First, who visited it 4 times. Emperors not bad advice.

Karelia, recreation and Kivach waterfall. Nearby is one of Europe’s largest waterfalls Kivach, which is surrounded by various tourist centers of Karelia. The beauty of this falling «diamond mountain» affects not only us mere mortals — but what a magnificent sense of beauty, no doubt: the father of Russian literature, and Gavrila Derzhavin, a great Russian composer Fyodor Glinka.

Karelia, recreation, interesting facts. So, in conclusion, some interesting facts: on the territory of Karelia there are more than 90 nationalities, however, we were born in the USSR, no surprise. The coastline of lake Onega, among other things, three times more than the distance from Petrozavodsk to Moscow, and its length is 250 km. Length of the Karelian section of the state border of the Russian Federation is 798 km and 300 m Water of the White sea at a depth of 100 meters represent a «frozen liquid» — minus 1.5 degrees Celsius. In the Northern regions of Karelia, the snow cover lasts 200 days a year. Nearly 15 million hectares of Karelia is forested, 90% of which are pine and spruce forests, that Karelia and was nicknamed the «lungs of Europe».

Karelia, recreation is a good choice. In Karelia, everyone can find a vacation taste. The main thing — is correct to organize it. Select a tourist area like, plan a route and choose where to stay, whether turbaza hotel or a hotel Karelia will give you nezabyvaemye experience.

Karelia, recreation. Accommodation facilities at any leisure played a significant role, and this should be remembered always. Numerous hotels, Karelia tourist center of Karelia, recreation popular among those who are attracted to fishing in Karelia. However, the majority of visitors, accustomed to urban comforts, we should not be reckless and to overestimate their strength. Beautiful landscapes and sunsets on the water, bonfires and fishing is rich gifts of nature that should be appreciated. But still, it’s nice after an eventful day, excited and happy to tired to log in a comfortable room of a small home hotel Karelia, to take a hot shower or bath, take a steam bath, massages and of course delicious to eat, selecting food in a buffet style. It is this combination of primitive beauty of Karelia and the comfort brought about by civilization, will allow You to fully rest, relax and stock up on pleasant experiences and memories for a long time.

Karelia is waiting for You. Welcome!