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When we were designing our building, and even earlier — while selecting a suitable location — we did not want our guests to associate their stay with such a complicated and heavy-sounding term as «recreation industry.» Cordiality, hospitality, and friendliness constitute more than qualities of the personnel. The carefree atmosphere of our Moscow regional resort was created by many surrounding factors — natural beauty, clean air, and crystal-clear water. Moreover, the building does not have the look of being pulled out of an urban landscape and inserted in the middle of a forest of pines and fir trees, which is such a common characteristic of resorts in the Greater Moscow Area.

Getting ready for the grand opening, we prepared everything right down to the finest detail; we provided many additional services, thought up many unusual and unique leisure and entertainment activities so that a more sophisticated guest would be sure to select our services among those of our competitors offering a holiday in one of the resorts in the Greater Moscow Area.

We would like to start our story in an unusual way — not from what we actually have, but what we do not have and never will have, from what makes our holiday house so special as a resort located in the Greater Moscow Area. You can read all about what we have prepared for you in other sections of our site.

We have no high walls or fences that would block out the beauty of nature. Not only are we surrounded by breathtaking landscapes we are actually right in the middle of them. Vehicle noises do not disturb the silence, nor do they foul the clean air. Our resort in the Greater Moscow Area is far from other buildings; you will rarely run into complete strangers, and you will not have to face the hustle and bustle that makes life so exhausting in a megalopolis. Bicycles, horses, and dog teams are at your disposal if you want to ride around the neighbourhood. Needless to say, you will not find any tin cans or empty bottles littering adjoining territories; moreover, the status of National Park is applied to all the surrounding locations you may wish to visit.

The Valday Eco Club in the Greater Moscow Area is situated on the banks of a crystal-clear and picturesque lake; you will see no jet skis or motor boats churning up the water in the lake, just row boats gliding smoothly over the tranquil mirror-like surface. We do not require fishing fees from our guests. We not only provide access to the Boroye Lake, but you may also visit many other larger and smaller lakes in the vicinity, and even the river, where graylings are to be found, and which are open to all our guests. Even if you do not get a fishing trophy this time — fishing is certainly a matter of luck — our chef will get a trout from the fish pond, and will prepare it for you right on the river bank. We do not have a cafeteria with a limited choice of two meals: our breakfast, lunch, and dinner are organized according to the principle of a buffet service. Our cuisine will satisfy the most refined taste. We have no economy class lodgings; comfortable rooms of different planning provide suitable accommodation with all the required conveniences to all kinds of groups and families.

We are happy that we have succeeded in creating such a beautiful place. Come and visit us; we will be very pleased to share our love of this exquisite resort with all of you.