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Engagement Is a mutual expression of consent to create a family of lovers, the statement of a young couple to their family and friends about the depth of their feelings and seriousness.

To host this heartwarming event with a corresponding beauty and solemnity You can in «Valday Eco Club».

A wedding is a sacrament of the Church, in which God delivers the future spouses, if they promise to be faithful to each other, the grace of pure unanimity for joint life, the birth and upbringing of children.

«Valday Eco Club» offers to make the wedding a true celebration memorable for a lifetime. The wedding ceremony at Valdai is an ancient and noble Christian tradition, a secret action with the chants of the Church choir and the exchange of wedding rings.

The wedding ceremony is negotiated in advance and is not available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the year, as well as during multi-day fasts, carnival, Easter week, from Christmas to Epiphany, on the eve of temple day.

«Valday Eco Club» will help to organize a wedding trip on a carriage pulled by a horse. Route wedding walk can be quite varied, it all depends on the traditions and desires of the young.

You can ask any questions related to the organization and execution of the events in «Valday Eco Club», contact us by phone: 8−921−707−43−63 or 8−964−694−64−65 or e-mail: