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In the cozy and pleasant atmosphere of our Spa-room you can not only get a specialist’s advice, go through the necessary procedures, but simply relax, relax with music — relax and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Price list

Head massage (15 minutes) 300 rubles
Massage of neck and collar zone (25 minutes) 500 rubles
Back massage (30 minutes) 800 rubles
Back and hand massage (40 minutes) 1 000 rubles
Foot and foot massage (30 minutes) 800 rubles
Foot massage (20 minutes) 400 rubles
Total massage (60 minutes) 2200 rubles
Massage «Children» (from 6 months) (25 minutes) 500 rubles
Stone therapy (general massage with hot stones) (60 minutes) 2 300 rubles
Massage «Anti-cellulite» (with the use of vitamin massage oil, anti-cellulite and firming cream)Price
Massage of thighs and buttocks (20 minutes) 900 rubles
Massage of the abdomen and lower back (15 minutes) 600 rubles
Massage «Combi» (hips + buttocks + stomach + loin) (35 minutes) 1 400 rubles
Body scrub (peeling)Price
body scrubbing 800 rubles
Body wrapPrice
chocolate 2 200 rubles
anti-cellulite 2 200 rubles
blue clay 2 200 rubles
Hygienic facial and decollete massage (20 minutes) 400 rubles
Therapeutic (plucked) massage according to the method of Shake (10 minutes) 250 rubles
face care (cleansing, scrubbing, mask) 250 rubles
face cleaning (mechanical) 300 rubles
darsonvalization of the face 150 rubles
Eyelash staining 150 rubles
Eyebrow coloring 150 rubles
Eyebrow correction 200 rubles
Complex (eyebrow correction, eyebrow and eyelash staining) 450 rubles
Henna Eyelash Staining 200 rubles
Eyebrow coloring with henna 500 rubles
Complex (dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes with henna) 600
Classic edging (without cover) 400 rubles
European unedged (without cover) 500 rubles
Children’s 200 rubles
Paraffinotherapy for hands 300 rubles
Hand massage 100 rubles
Hand peeling 100 rubles
Mask for hands 100 rubles
Classic edging (without cover) 800 rubles
Treatment and prophylactic foot bath 150 rubles
Foot massage with healing balms 300 rubles
Mask for legs 100 rubles
Exfoliation of the feet 100 rubles
Lacquer color: on the hands / feet 100 rubles
«French»: on arms / legs 200 rubles
Gel-lacquer «Shilak» («Shellac»): on the hands / feet 650/850 rubles
Removing the varnish 50 rubles
Removal of the gel-lacquer «Shellac»: on the hands / feet 200 rubles

In our «Spa-cabinet» you can take a preventative course of inhalation with narzan.

Inhalations with mineral water are the simplest and most effective way to treat and prevent upper and middle respiratory tract diseases.

The procedure is carried out on a new generation inhaler — nebulizer B. Well WN-115K locomotive for children and Boreal F400 for adults.

The cost of inhalation with narzan: 100 rubles / procedure