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80 km from «Valday Eco Club» on the way to Borovichi in Bologovskiy area, there is a small village McHenry Here, between the Church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa and the cemetery is one of the most amazing and rare beauty and purity of natural phenomena — radon springs. The keys of living water gush from the depths of the karst fissure.

A small village McHenry became a protected corner of the Russian hinterland. And the beginning of his fame was started by Nicholas Roerich. He was struck by an amazing and unique beauty Mshensky keys. In his essay «Bowl neophyta» (1916) very true and aptly described it «Mshinskoe miracle.»

The conditions of the tour

Destination: Mshinskoe radon sources.

Distance from the centre: 71 km

Transport: the car.

The number of excursionists: 4−7 people.

The cost of a taxi: 1 machine (up to 4 people) — 3 000 rubles. *

* waiting more than 1 hour is paid additionally.