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June 29, 2003. deep in the forests of Novgorod on a crossroads of two roads that go past the lake Deaf, between the villages of Camenca and Great Backyard, near the village Yazhelbitsy, was solemnly consecrated concrete cross in memory of Ignach cross, which is 765 years ago, saved Novgorod the Great, and thus all Russia from the Mongol enslavement full.

The Chronicles of those times it is known that less than a year, the troops of Batu Khan and Sabutai conquered all the Northern Russian principalities, defeating them one by one. On the vast territory from the Middle Volga to Tver was looted and destroyed dozens of towns and villages. On February 22, 1238 Batu «surrounded Torzhok». For two weeks the Tatars hollowed walls battering guns, vices, and finally broke into the city, brutally exterminated all its inhabitants. The glow of fires celebrated the way of the conquerors. Vain and cruel Batu got what you wanted, but only one thing troubled him and troubled him. Somewhere in the North, among the swamps and forests, was still not conquered, fabulously wealthy trading city of Novgorod, together with its «suburbs» Pskov escaped the Tatar defeat. In March of 1238 the army of Batu Khan marched towards Novgorod. However, on reaching the tract Ignach Cross, which is about 100 miles South of Veliky Novgorod, the Mongols abandoned the attack and turned back in the desert, ruining the path of oncoming villages.

According to historians and scholars the spirit and will of the Mongol-Tatar troops crushed the stubborn resistance of the Russian people, who in cruel battles showed courage, endurance and their heroism in defending their native land. Leaving a devastated and burned land «nomads» took their own logistics, not enough forage and provisions. The elevation of the Valdai hills, highly rugged terrain, deep forests and impenetrable swamps, endless water barriers have created difficulties for the cavalry of the nomads, accustomed to move in the steppe area. The ranks of riders thinned, the spirit was broken, and the enemy retreated from the territory of Valday geographical.

But popular rumor has it the legend of the great miracle happened in those days. «Near Novgorod in the swamps stood a cross. The Khan Mongol army came to these swamps and stopped. The road to Veliky Novgorod was free. However, suddenly, the floodplain of the river overflowed and filled coastal meadows, blocking passage to the city the troops of Batu. They had no choice as to turn back».

Novgorod land was spared from the Mongol-Tatar yoke.

The passage of the «Valday Eco Club»:

The exit of the highway M10 Moscow — St. Petersburg in the direction of Petersburg, in the village of Yazhelbitsy turn left at the sign to Demyansk, after 5 kilometers turn right to the village of Cuisine, passing her and after 2 kilometer turn right to the village of Camenca. In Comence turn right again and wood primer a couple of kilometer move to Ignach-cross.