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It seems that only recently we celebrated the New year, happy Christmas season and Russian winter with its white snow, a sled, games, strong winds and dark Northern nights. But the sun came out, bright and cheerful, and we realized that Spring had come. And Spring have to come across as a dear guest.

Monday — «Meeting»
On the first day of carnival, the people celebrated carnival meeting Net — wide Boyarina.

To the first day of Maslenitsa in Russia arranged the mountains, hanging a swing, buffooneries for musicians, tables with sweets. Not to ride the mountains and on the swings, not make fun of the clowns meant in the old days — live in bitter trouble and old age on your deathbed, sit a cripple without legs.

Tuesday — «Zaigryshi»
Tuesday began a wild, fun and daring games, skating, fun. In the morning on «zaigryshi» of the girls and lads went to visit — to go to the mountains to eat pancakes.

Wednesday — «Gourmand»
For a Gourmet mother-in-law took to pancakes, and for fun-law collected all the family. In the evenings sang songs about caring mother-in-law treats son-in-law pancakes; playing a farce with dressed bears about how mother-in-law for son-in-law used to bake pancakes, as my mother-in-law head hurts like a son-in-law-mother-in-law said thank you.

Thursday — «Revelry»
Thursday began wide Orgy: skating on the streets, fist fights and different ceremonies. For example, fastened to a huge sleigh pole, tied on his wheel, and the wheel planted man — Joker and entertainer with wine and cakes, and after that «train» with songs stretched people.

Friday — «Teschin evening»
Did not have time mother-in-law on Wednesday to feed the son-in-law pancakes as much now in-law invited them to his guests!

Before, the son-in-law had the evening to personally invite the wife’s mother, and in the morning to send her a special, ceremonial «posimatic». The more I was «invited», the more the mother-in-law honors.

Saturday — «Zolovkina gatherings»
On Saturday, the «zolovkina gatherings» young daughter-in-law invited the relatives of the husband to his guests. The newlywed daughter-in-law had to bestow upon his sisters-in-law gifts. Interestingly, the word «in-law», was thought to have originated from the word «evil» as her husband’s sisters treated her with suspicion and caution.

Sunday — «Forgiveness day»
Sunday was the most important day of Maslenitsa — the eve before the beginning of lent.

In Russia this day is called forgiveness Sunday, when close friends asked each other for forgiveness for all the harm they have grievances and troubles; in the evenings it was customary to visit cemeteries and «bid farewell» to the dead.

The primary episode of the last day was farewell to the pancake week», often accompanied by the lighting of bonfires. In Russia to this day was making an effigy of «Maslenitsa» of straw or rags, usually dressed him in women’s clothes, carried through the village; outside of the village, stuffed or drowned in the hole, or burned, or simply torn apart, and the remaining straw was scattered across the field. Among other customs of the day of Shrovetide week was before it, driving the «goat» or «goat», fist fights and ball games, rooster and goose fights, swings, roundabouts youth party.

Thus, people are freed from old grudges accumulated over the year and celebrated the new year with a clean heart and a soft soul.