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The Slavs — is the worship of the Holy spirit nature of which man himself is. This kind of worship, ancestors, and creation of ancestral family life, according to ancient Slavic customs. The Slavs, in the words of the national Anthem of Russia — ancestor given wisdom of the people — the dignity of the Slavic peoples and the great heritage of Russia.

The tradition of the Russian people is an invaluable experience of untold generations of our ancestors. Nurturing in us the same «mysterious Russian spirit», the Slavic tradition teaches us customs, eternally native to all Russian people. And how many epochs did not pass, not much stumbling around in the dark alien traditions, the Russian people always go back to native traditions.

Thousands of years of natural calendars served our ancestors, helping them to cultivate the land, harvest, hunting and fishing. The year is divided into twelve parts, were depicted on ritual thickets, and each month corresponded to the special sign. The annual wheel — Kolo of Svarog carried a special meaning, which was in the eternal rebirth and renewal of all living things. But the calendar is not only important to everyday life, it is always decorated for the Jolly holidays.