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Agri-tourism define tourism organized in rural area with relatively untouched nature, in which visitors are provided comprehensive services for accommodation, recreation, meals, excursion service, organization of leisure and sports activities, organization of fishing, hunting, the acquisition of knowledge about natural and cultural and ethnographic features of the area.

In Europe, it is a relatively new phenomenon, existing for about 40 years and only in the last decade, obtained the rapid development. In Russia, the agritourism, as a form of recreation compared to European countries, a little-known and not yet included in the number of types of tourism product that is widely promoted in the Russian tourism market. They usually choose people who have already seen a lot in my life and want variety. Their already difficult something to surprise. As a rule, residents of big cities, tired of the busy pace of life and the constant stress of big cities. Your vacation they want to spend at home, in a quiet environment surrounded by nature, breathe fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle. This holiday is perfect for families with children. Children residing in large cities with bad ecology, where there is little greenery, it is useful to spend time in nature. In rural areas they will find previously unknown mass entertainment.

Choose the Agriturismo today, and older people, young people, and also people who are fond of sports.

Agritourism in the model of «Valday Eco Club» includes elements of cognitive, active and ecotourism.

«Valday Eco Club» is a unique wooden big house, all surrounded by greenery, on the shore of lake forest as well as farmland. Guests can enjoy a cozy room, homey atmosphere, tasty food (all — natural rustic organic products) and all the charm of village life: chickens clucking, roosters crowing in the morning, the smells of hay and fresh milk. It offers a calm and measured rhythm of life, a sense of intimacy with nature.

For those who don’t like to sit around, enjoy walking and Cycling, and Hiking trips in the woods for mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs, swimming in the lake, boating, active sports fishing or hunting, relax in a real Russian Banya.

On request, guests can also participate in agricultural work, work out, feeding animals, harvesting berries or vegetables.

Guests will get acquainted with the life, traditions and culture unique Valdai region. You can take part in folk holidays. It is also interesting for the rest time to master any craft, for example, to learn how to weave a basket from vines or milk a cow, ride a tractor or horse back riding.

It often happens that, having come once on the weekend, guests then return to us for a whole summer.