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What is interesting in the suburbs? It is even called the Suburbs. The same birch trees just a little bit straighter and higher than in Bittsevsky Park, the same air, only more fragrant and fresher than in the local parks, the same grass, the same birds. It’s a bit more saturated, so what? How can the suburbs be compared with the breathtaking heights of the Caucasus or the Crimea? Holiday home near Moscow on the weekend, with resorts in Cuba or the Maldives? Tourist bases of rest the Moscow region with the savagery of Karelia or of Patagonia? With endless saucers of lake Onega or lake? With the tides and breakers of the ocean? And what to do? For the wind in the domes- in the mountains, with the wind in our sails — the sea or a large lake. No rapids or sheer cliffs. So I reasoned, for the first time at the urging of friends decided to travel to the suburbs. How I was wrong. We went to the house-Museum of Chekhov in Melikhovo.

The Chekhov house-Museum. The estate has pleasantly surprised me. The house was restored. It allowed the tour. Stood next to the extension to which Chekhov sees patients from common people (for those who don’t remember, Chekhov was also a doctor part-time, and took patients at the manor on a voluntary basis). All (or almost all) in his office looked like during his lifetime, although, of course, I admit that the appliances were just like. But how austere it looked! Equipment: a stethoscope, a couple of some fixtures and intimidating. Robe on a nail in the corner. The modest couch. Discordant with all the austere environment, only the LCD screen hanging in the corner, in which we broadcasted a film about Chekhov. When I look at it all, and wonder how people of that time managed to live to such a ripe old age.

Most enjoyable was Park and garden, in which grew an old Apple and cherry. On the porch of the manor is played the play can assume the pen of Chekhov. In the far corners of the Park, the local population staged the exhibition of achievements of the household economy: a large number of zucchini and other food, including giant size watermelon. And most importantly, the stunning beauty of the flowers.

Children were not left without a holiday: in a clearing at the entrance inviting them to take part in folk games, like hit the Apple in the wrap. For the smallest of the performance began with the Parsley in the title role.

Long story short, but he’s towards the evening. On the way back we stopped at the source by Eglah desert. Tired but happy we returned home.

Most of us, dreaming of distant lands and warm seas, often do not notice their surrounding beauty, which is just a few hours drive or less, although sometimes this is the only option to escape from depressing the hustle and bustle of the city, a way to breathe some pure air of freedom, adventure, relaxation. But if we choose a suitable vacation home the suburbs for the weekend, to drive only a few tens of kilometers from the bustle of Moscow, how do we find the majestic expanses of the ancient Rus ' with its dense forests and the legends of ancient cities. Many of them were included in the Golden ring of Russia, from childhood well-known route for foreign tourists and other lovers of the Russian exotic. Remember: «Mr. Twister, Former Minister, Mister Twister, millionaire, … the Owner of factories, Newspapers, steamships, Decided at leisure to Travel the world. «Fine!"Exclaimed his Daughter Susie.—Let's visit the Soviet Union! I’ll eat caviar, Live to catch a sturgeon, Go to the top three Over the Volga river And run to the farm For raspberries!» That is to say, nice to live not forbid. Perhaps during the writing of these immortal lines all was well, but now I would myself have gone to places where you can eat caviar. That, however, does not diminish the dignity of their native lands in the Moscow region. For many of us the tour of the Golden ring of Russia is the first journey in life. However, along the route of the Golden ring I rarely go (but to avoid it only for ten days), to feel the unique spirit of each city, to keep bright, rasputnya the experience of visiting the Golden ring.

Recreation in the suburbs, inexpensive and beautiful. The neighborhood of Moscow is not tainted by urbanization, beautiful, healthy and native land, in the end! Recreation in the suburbs successfully entered and do not spoil the beauty of nature. In addition, almost all the locals are peaceful and quite fluent in Russian, noted even the great Italian traveler Marco Polo (Marco Polo), fell in love with this place…

The area of the Moscow region exceeds countries such as Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium. In the area there are 74 city, but only 15 of them home to a population of over 100 thousand people.

Recreation in the suburbs on the weekend, a huge selection. Only a cursory examination of the Internet struck my imagination with endless possibilities. Here are just a small list of what may attract the most experienced traveler on the open spaces near and far suburbs (because the extra few miles on our Federal highways are not taken into account and that we of the border regions?)

The churches and monasteries. Sergiev Posad with its magnificent monastery, pafnutii-Borovskii, the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, monasteries and churches of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Suzdal, Vladimir, the New Jerusalem and many other Holy places, where not overgrown popular trail; the Church of the Sign in Dubrovitsy, affecting all of its «non-Russian» architecture and interior decoration, the lost Church (Egorievsk highway. R-n the city), which, as the rumor, offer not all eager to witness its ancient walls.

Small towns, glorified Russia on the whole world a unique folk art: Pavlovsky Posad (scarves), Zhostovo (trays), Gzhel.

Recreation in the suburbs on the weekend of the estate. Great and not, but always full of history, seeing the famous people of the past, estates: Abramtsevo (estate of Savva Mamontov), Arkhangelsk (residence book. Yusupov), Sukhanovo (residence book. Volkonsky), Muranovo (Museum baratynskii and Tiutchev), Melikhovo (the manor house of Chekhov), Polenovo (house-estate Polenov), Gorenki (the residence of kN. Dolgoruky and Razumovsky), Kuskovo (residence GRF. Sheremetev), Marfino (estate of B. Golitsyn, Saltykov, Panin), Michael (residence GRF. Sheremetev), HOMESTEAD Island, Ostafyevo «Russian Parnassus», house Museum Chukovsky in Peredelkino.

Recreation of suburbs and museums. Museums: toys (Sergiev Posad), a samovar (Pereslavl-Zalessky), tank (Guangzhou), air forces (Monino), antique automobile club of America «Motors October» (Minsk highway), narrow gauge Railways (Yaroslavl sh.), wooden architecture of the «Forest fortress» (Egorievsk highway.).

Recreation in the suburbs, inexpensive, lakes and waterfalls. And how to forget about the cosy forest lakes and magnificent system of reservoirs — decoration region: Pirogov (Bay of Joy), pestovskiy, Ivankovo reservoir, biserovo lake, Lytkarino, Torbeevo lake, waterfall gremyachiy (R-n Sergiev Posad), rainbow Falls (Kaluga sh.)

Recreation in the suburbs on a weekend, I wonder. Well and other relevant, and sometimes just affecting places: the quarry and caves Slany (Kashirskoe sh.), sand dunes (Novorizhskoe sh.), anomalous zone Nikita, ostrich farm (between Chekhov and Serpukhov), bird Park (Kaluga region), the nursery of Moscow zoo, exhibition and sale of wind turbines (Leningradskoye shosse), children’s railway in Kratovo, the painted facades of houses in Moscow and Borovsk, pyramid Hunger (Novorizhskoe sh.), costanzia of the reserve «crane homeland» (Dmitrovskoe sh.), mysterious balloon (dielectric cap for a parabolic antenna for space communications) (Dmitrovskoe sh.), a stone-giant with a height of 2.5 m (the Minsk highway), abandoned tunnel, a secret of physics (Protvino), the refuge bison and bison (the Simferopol highway), Borodino, stone Tsvetaeva in Tarusa, a monument to cucumber in city Lukhovitsy and so on. and so on.

Recreation in the suburbs, inexpensive and convenient. Another reason why stay in the suburbs is also becoming more and more popular lately, is that it allows you and whose feats of labor are firmly associated with the capital, not put it away for a long time.

Recreation near Moscow for conferences and trainings. A growing number of corporate trainings held within the ring road, and on the nature, on the basis of rest houses and mini-hotels. Modern holiday houses near Moscow a cheap and cheerful offer all possible modern technical equipment for conferences, trainings, seminars. Fresh air, as a rule, employees relaxing, allowing you to more effectively assimilate large amounts of information. A variety of entertainment available at hotels, friends are better than any team-building event.

A holiday house in the suburbs inexpensive for the family. Families with young children find in the suburbs its advantages. Many people are afraid to fly on airplanes with infants, and sudden changes of climate do not always have a positive impact on the health of offspring, therefore, often the reduced composition moves to a recreation of the Moscow region, recreation center near Moscow for a weekend or the entire summer for a few months. Particularly good for families with children in this sense, small hotels. Such rest houses the Moscow region are inexpensive and provide the opportunity for the mother not to stand all the time at the plate, and enjoy with your child or stop by for a couple of days to rest from the labors friend. Holiday home near Moscow on the weekend, usually try very hard to please the kids, and put a lot of effort for their amusement, because if a child will miss, violently expressing their emotions, again family is not coming.