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Sorry for the prosaic and monosyllabic name. I would like more romantic (Seliger deserves it!), but still Ilf and Petrov wrote that the title of the «Legend of the lake Issyk-Kul» — it’s gone. About Issyk-Kul say nothing, but Seliger is beautiful! In addition, the name of this legendary lake has long been synonymous with natural beauty and Paradise for tourists. Speaking of legends…

The ancient Slavs tried to explain the large number of picturesque Islands scattered in the lake Seliger. There are two ancient legends about brothers Seliger and Ilmen (it's big brother — another marvelous Valdai lake). In the first case, the brothers went in search of the overseas treasures, and the second did not share the river Volga. The first legend denounces the greed, the other is jealousy, but unites them one thing — Ilmen cursed brother and wished he grew up on the back 100 humps. All true, but we can only be glad that it’s a terrible curse turned the beauty of the landscape. Seliger only won over less «hooked» Ilmen — lake turned out to be the envy of posterity. Well, don’t dig a hole to another… the Volga, by the way, according to legend, chose the grooms of Seliger — in the early years had good taste.

Holiday home, Seliger. Nature. It’s hard to write that description defies beauty at all the terrible power and beauty of nature especially. The dry language of statistics can only tell that the lake area is 262,5 sq. km, a coastline of 528 km and the area of the basin is about 2200 sq. km, But will not be limited to faceless figures. Seliger is a unique phenomenon that nature has created for the delight of man, and man enjoys this miracle at least from the XII-XIII centuries — the time of the first mention of it in the Slavic annals. Although, without a doubt, used before, just in more ancient times there were problems with literacy and chroniclers.

Holiday home, Seliger. Climate. Well, what else to say about Seliger? On the lake the weather is normal… Sorry for stealing the quote of Sakhalin, but the weather on lake Seliger is really wonderful. The climate is characterized by humidity and softness, typical of this corner of natural Paradise in Central Russia. The summer is always Sunny and warm — it is celebrated by all travelers have long taken a liking to numerous camp sites and holiday houses of lake Seliger. I must say that you’re not going to have to run in search of recreation Seliger and its surroundings are filled with them enough: hotels and camping sites for every taste is enough. In short, for every taste there is a rest house, Seliger you can visit when you stay in the democratic tent, and in a comfortable hotel. Around the perimeter of the lake surrounded by ancient forests, and pine forests, which successfully blended numerous recreation Seliger. Mushrooms and berries are not less than the tourists in the area. Maybe more, in any case, the last (tourists) is enough. You know what the air in a pine forest — the dream of «Green Peace» and all environmentalists.

Recreation, Seliger. Hunting. In the woods, of course, and the beast found. Meet the moose are not uncommon, and heard the noise in the reeds lake — be careful. Wild boar, how to write about it zoologists, it feeds mainly on open roots and grubs, but who knows — the table is clearly not Swedish, rather monotonous — one never knows, will take the collected mushrooms and berries. But if you are attracted by meeting with him or shatim good advice — don’t forget to checkout the license. Rangers Seliger enough, the holiday may not be enough.

Recreation, Seliger. Fishing. But hunting is hunting… There is such a word «fishing». It is clear that heard. But sheep is not fishing, this is the song! More than 30 species of fish, and it (the fish) caught! No, not just pecks, specifically caught, I swear, just yesterday vooooot this pulled… Wait, no fisherman’s tales. They famous for almost every fishing camp Seliger. But it’s true, caught the fish on lake Seliger since the coming of the Normans to Russia, now caught, and our grandchildren will catch! Bream, pike, Zander, catfish, perch, roach, eel, Peled… What Peled? We don’t know — come to the tourist center of lake Seliger, ask them. Or catch her in person. And after returning from vacation, I can criticize the cast for dinner salmon: «is it a fish? Here I caught Peled Seliger…». So welcome to the tourist center of lake Seliger. Well, enough about fishing, get back to nature.

Recreation, Seliger. Health. Let me give you a interesting bill from the scientific work regarding the impact of Seliger on human physiology. «Nature and climate, along with physiological and genetic factors create a favorable environment and have a positive biomedical effect. Local residents in old age retain the ability to work, clarity of thinking and memory». At least change the apartment house Seliger — really want to save memory, and thinking. Or every year in the boarding house — Seliger and corrected health, and memory, and the ability if not to work, to rest for sure! Somehow Seliger more features… Oh, by the way! Sorry for the abundance of local legends in this material — a sin not to remember another one. …Sinegugu on the two hundredth (!!!) year of life, the notorious Russian warrior Ilya Muromets went to the Seliger lake to drink water from a healing spring. Particularly, however, did not help (and what the kids would like two hundred something a year), and only after that sent Ilya birch bark the least-known epic hero Bob Buslaeva farewell mandate to the Keeper of the Russian land… That shows how anciently valued in the nation Seliger healing qualities of water. If not helped pension, Seliger not lifted up his water — down the drain, run to the notary. …Not talk about sad things, just do not wait until the eve of the bicentennial and as a preventive measure visit Dom Otdykha Seliger regularly!

Recreation, Seliger. Today. And now about the present time and serious. The popularity of Seliger as a Mecca of Russian tourism are well known, and with it nobody argues. Hence, the crowded hotels Seliger, base, rest homes, Seliger beckons all. Here only the mass tourist pilgrimage is not always promotes fresh air and clean environment. Valdai hills, which is located on the Seliger region is rather big (includes as a part of the Tver and Novgorod regions part). There are places worse, just they are not as well promoted by gossip and mass media advertising. And maybe that is not promoted? Sometimes it reminds a situation, when you go shopping in a popular store, despite the fact that the corner give the same thing, only better and cheaper. «Well, all they take…».

The tourist center of lake Seliger. Geography. Meanwhile, the city of Valdai, from which the Valdai hills, located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, on the Federal highway and is a popular tourist destination. Next spread over the Valdai lake and the area is protected land, and the Valday National Park — the natural heritage of Russia. Rivers, forests and lakes are no worse than the Seliger — the same unchanged in its pristine Central Russian landscape, sung by many generations of artists and writers. And more than one generation of tourists who have the opportunity not only to touch the ancient historical monuments, but also to indulge in all the joys of the holiday season in the hospitable hotels and mini-hotels, which are many in the Park. Fish in local lakes is not less than Seliger, wildlife and vegetation are almost identical. Less just noise, and other aspects of life of a large number of heterogeneous tourist fraternity. However, you can find out more about Valdai National Park or to obtain more detailed information from the horse’s mouth.

The tourist center of lake Seliger. Rest. To whom to Seliger, who at Valdai — you decide, dear vacationers. Just never forget that you can always enjoy the wonderful lake district, who will feel orphaned without its chief guest, a tourist. Come to fish at the camp site Seliger, correct health, annually visiting boarding houses, hotels Seliger always will meet, will feed and warm the traveler on the road of the hotel Seliger always open and available, recreation, Seliger will entice a variety of leisure activities. You will certainly be able to appreciate these places is appreciated, and if you love them, be confident that the love will be mutual!