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Halloween is one of the oldest festivals in the world. In this strange holiday intertwined Celtic tradition of honoring evil spirits and Christian — worship to all the saints. The history of Halloween has Millennium, from the Celtic festival of Samhain, the Roman Pomona Day and the Christian all saints Day.

Festival of Samhain, which was celebrated on 1 November, is the time when began the winter. At this time, the summer gave way to winter, day — night, life — death, and all the barriers between the material and supernatural worlds are eliminated, the gate between opened for one night. In this mysterious night, all unrealized hopes and plans of the newly dead down to earth, and their souls to their homes. The souls of the dead could take many guises, evil dwell in animals and the most dangerous in cats. It is night, when all the evil spirits walks the earth.

The most important attribute of this holiday — pumpkin head. Orange pumpkin is a symbol of the harvest from the fields, but at the same time, a symbol of evil spirit and fire, which scares them. One legend says that the Celtic priests, the druids put such glowing pumpkins to scare away from their homes of evil spirits. (The other that pumpkin with the light inside is a wandering soul, lost between heaven and hell.)

Spirits were also present treats in the street, and the inhabitants gathered at fires which were kindled by the druids. On this night in a victim brought animals, did predictions and lit the winter hearth, making the house tongues of the Holy flame.

Nowadays, Halloween has transformed into a fun and interesting tradition. This is an opportunity to plunge into the magic and feel like a witch or evil spirit.