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Knowledgeable fishermen willing to confirm that fishing in Valdai, it is something unforgettable. Of course, for enthusiasts, any fishing away from the city, where one nibble is replaced by another nibble to be good, but what are the advantages of fishing it on the Valdai lake and the other lakes of the Valdai region?

As you know, the Valdai lake is among the cleanest lakes Russia. No accident, translated from the ancient language «Valdai» means «clear, bright». Perch, pike, carp, tench, eel, carp, whitefish, eel, perch, burbot, Rudd — that’s just a small list of the variety of fish in the Valdai lakes. The locals jokingly notice that the Valdai fish — the most correct, because it pecks almost all bait. For beginners and inexperienced fishermen, especially not with the tricks and intricacies of fishing this is truly a heavenly place.

Among beginners and professionals is very popular spring and summer and winter fishing in Valdai — ice fishing. The main catch of fishermen in the frosty months of winter — roach, perch, pike, bream. A very memorable sight — the Golden autumn in Valdai, when to the joy of catch mixed with a feeling of unearthly natural beauty, painted in gold tone

Family fishing at the Valdai lake and the lakes of the Valdai region

Aromatic ear, smelling the smoke from the fire is a great addition to proper rest on Valdai lake. Here you can spend time with friends — with the same enthusiastic people or invite the household to enjoy the beauty of nature, to have a family holiday. Much it does not need some free time and desire.

In fact, fishing on lake Valdai, is not only an opportunity to catch lake fish, admire the beauty of nature, local scenery, but also relax body and soul, to forget about problems and bustle of the city. This favors local unobtrusive service, furnished place for rest and fishing. Just Valday Park fishing enthusiasts are expecting about two hundred of ecologically clean lakes, each of which is formed by underground springs and is inhabited by various water inhabitants, some of whom can be found even cancers. Sandy bottom, crystal clear water easily reproduce this demanding environment water residents, like trout and grayling.

Fishing Golden autumn at Valdai — Indian summer in Valdai

A large number of most diverse lake fish is the reason that both summer and winter fishing in Valdai often is in the form of competition. Professional athletes will be able to show their skills, win prizes. Permanently stored Indian summer at Valdai, when arranged numerous competitions in sport fishing. However, in fairness it should be noted that not only the Golden autumn of the Valdai fishermen can diversify their leisure time — paid fishing in Valdai and sports events are held all year round.

Autumn follows summer, then comes winter, winter fishing in Valdai gives way to autumn, but one thing remains unchanged — the fishermen and the fish.

Paid fishing in Valdai

Fishing on the lakes of the Valdai long been a hallmark of the region, a kind tourist business. Going on a paid fishing in Valdai, you can safely «forget» all the fishing gear and accessories without fear that fishing will not take place.

Fishing rods, tackle, lures and bait can all be purchased on the spot. An experienced instructor will tell you where, when and how best to fish in any lake there are certain varieties of fish. Guests have at their disposal boats, boats and even motor yachts. Every water vehicle is equipped with anchors, ropes and buoys. On the shore fishermen and vacationers expect pots, skewers and grills, through which you can not only cook soup but also to smoke the fish, to fry a shish kebab. It’s a whole range of services so appreciated by true lovers of the fishing business.

Without a doubt, fishing in any season, whether winter or Indian summer at the Valdai club — a great opportunity to get the most impressions for the entire year.