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— Lord knights in exchange will go. The soap will change.
(From the film «Alexander Nevsky»)

So appreciated the legendary Prince of Novgorod color the armies of an enlightened Europe. From the movie quote was, or was not, who knows — the author’s assumption. However, it is known that in the capital of the Novgorod Republic and sandals-never worn, «bast soup slurp» — not about Novgorod. Where the current Duma, Veche (people's Assembly) could the Prince to appoint, but could vzashey pushed. In General, democracy in action. Many commoners to read and write could — miracle of miracles on medieval times. It is, of course, capital is the capital, and not in all lands of Novgorod the Great cultural and educational work was at the height of the peasants, sorry, had no time to read and write to learn — work does not suffer. And rest in the Novgorod region was then available only to a narrow circle of the ruling elite.
In our time relaxing in the Novgorod region are not only available to all, but simply gushes with positive emotions for Russian and foreign tourists. Lakes and rivers of the Novgorod region are full of fish, quiet backwaters and scenic shores. Any guide will tell you that tourism in Novgorod region, by definition, is one of the first places, because the forest zone of southern taiga and mixed forest creates the most favorable conditions. Recreation in the Novgorod region is conveniently located on the shores of lakes near forests. Yes, one of the Valdai national Park — a nature reserve of national importance. Listen only in the names of lakes — it’s music! Seliger, velyo, Russia, Msta, Lovat, Pola, and Shelon ' … The largest, the lake, the ancient Slavs generally called Slovenian sea. In those days Lord Novgorod the Great ruled over all the lands North to the White sea and East to the Ural mountains. And the path along the Volkhov, the Neva river, the Gulf of Finland and lake Ladoga, so a holiday home in the Novgorod region now take tourists on a small part of the territory that once was Novgorod Principality. Not weak was the state!
As in ancient times, and now fishing in the Novgorod region noble! 30 species of fish, will not list — reading tired. Hostels in Novgorod region are always happy and fishermen, and hunters. With shotty here, too, is where to wander and have someone to hunt: foxes, elks, ermines, hares, brown bears, lynxes, wolves, wild boars, squirrels, muskrats, marten, mink… And the birds are: ducks, geese, grouse, grouse, grouse. All this flora and fauna is not so far from the two Russian capitals, in these times and speeds well, just close! Stay in Novgorod region for many years popular with the masses of residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
And no wonder — the Spa-the therapeutic value of this blessed land is difficult to overestimate. Staraya Russa, Valdai, Borovichi are famous for unique healing mineral water and therapeutic mud. One list of diseases for which are shown trip to specialized sanatoria and rest houses of the Novgorod region, is worth. This diseases of the organs of motion and nervous system, digestive, gynecological, circulatory system, diseases of skin, musculoskeletal system, diseases of the ear, throat, nose, Pediatrics, occupational diseases. Sorry about the sores I remembered — somehow not optimistic. A healthy person Novgorod oblast also shows, as mentioned above.
Recreation Novgorod region did not leave the tourist and cultural program. Excursions to historical places and attractions can be arranged almost all good facilities of the hotel industry. And there is something to see! Novgorod Kremlin («Detinets») with the famous St. Sophia’s Cathedral and the faceted chamber was well preserved for his advanced age — from the 11th century. The facets, however, more young architectural monument of the 15th century. Don’t forget to visit the House-Museum of Dostoevsky in Staraya Russa. Without this cultural heritage tourism in the Novgorod region would be much less attractive for foreign visitors — those to Fyodor just cutting the shaft. The monument «Millennium of Russia» the Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Yuriev monastery, Museum of folk wooden architecture — you name it.
To see all of these beauties is enough to get acquainted with numerous offers on the market of tourist services and choose the base, the camp site or holiday home in the Novgorod region according to your tastes and needs. The ancient Novgorodian land of warm and hospitable. «Who with a sword to us will come, from a sword will perish» — they used to say the same Alexander Nevsky. Well, it’s with a sword, and with a suitcase or a backpack — it is quite another thing… Relax, ladies and gentlemen tourists, Souvenirs pack.

Someone with a suitcase in Novgorod will come with two and leave!