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Where are you, friend, vacationing? Yes in Koktebel.
Well worn, can’t find…
And where are you tanned? Seliger!
So relax so relax!
Caesar Solodar

A good writer was Caesar Solodar, now somewhat forgotten. The conclusion of these lines, the great Soviet satirist to make quite clear: even in those unforgettable days of rest on lake Seliger, was quoted in the tourist market are higher than the beaches now overseas Crimean Koktebel. And drove the camper to the lake in droves under trade-Union permits, which were listed tourist hotels, but the phrase «hotels Seliger» still did not exist. Somehow the word «hotel» is not really suitable for hotels and level of service the development of socialism with a human face. Especially popular was a family vacation on lake Seliger.

Today, a different era splashes transparent Seliger wave with foam rolling… From tents to hotels to stay there at Seliger! Well, as I will start with the poems, and will continue. The rhyme itself and is, obviously, beautiful nature, lake Seliger features to the prosody. Krai and water, and clean air — what more do you need Russian tourists? Obsessed with the… okay, enough poetry. Then continue a normal prose text.

Look for the answer to this perennial question — what do you need Russian tourists. What can you offer lake vacationers in the enlightened and advanced twenty-first century? Than has the industry of tourism and hospitality in this God’s Paradise of the Valdai hills? Yes to all! As they say, choose on taste. But everyone has different tastes. Well, look at what is available. Specific seats will not be called — it’s not a handout, but only an unbiased view of the lake, family vacation on lake Seliger.

The tent fits easily in the trunk of your car. To break the bivouac in the field, specifically reserved for tent camping. Modest daily payment for accommodation and you have the lake, the vacation will be unforgettable. The stake diluted is also recommended in places designed for the fire event with a barbecue or a fish soup delicious Seliger fish, which in these waters types 35, no less. Mushrooms and berries also will not be offended — take the time to look in the adjacent spruce forest, trying to go a little further than the previous applicants with the basket. Tent pros — freedom and unity with nature. The cons are clear — the lack of basic amenities and the furious Seliger mosquito fumigator in the tent according to the laws of physics without electricity is not functioning. Except that brought its own generator. In General, if a young body and soul (sometimes soul enough) — go ahead! Mosquitoes to be afraid of the lake not to go…

Tent are replaceable on shield wooden house, the freedom of movement to the common areas and showers remains. Although in some cases the amenities in the houses still exist, but the cost of living will not be such a tent-democratic, but quite acceptable. It should be noted that many hostels have a specialized bias — hunting or fishing, and can offer both, as well as guided on particularly scenic places of ancient Slavic military and labor glory. Guys! If fishing with a gun to walk came to the lake, recreation will be a success. At night dawn not only fish are biting well, but white goes well with views of the lake, the room is lovely… And only under ushytsya or decency — well, you know how it goes! To the extent not precluded… If the wife doesn’t mind. His wife, however, situated in the beauty salon or the massage not be send — except for those same berries. If such services for you is important, you should consider the following options for families:

But there is massage and sauna, and boats-boat rental, a café-restaurant and entertainment according to the status and stardom of the institution. And wife have something to do in the Solarium and the beauty salon, and children on the Playground or in the hall entertainment devices. It is enough only to carefully read the proposals that meet your requests to hotel. In recent years, the lake infrastructure a comfortable stay replenished with dozens of new projects the hotel industry. You can find everything here and a buffet, and a tennis court, and a separate menu for your dog. The Council, perhaps the only one — among all this diversity the hotel should pay attention to the mini-hotels that combine almost all the advantages already discussed above variants of freedom and unity with nature is not less, but the level of service far above. Comfort, peace and quiet in the conditions of the mini-hotel are somewhat different from the more bustling life of a multistory boarding house. And the owners of these establishments treat every guest as a VIP person, trying to create conditions conducive to a family vacation on lake Seliger succeeded. Babysitting for the younger child? Please! Ranger for hunting or fishing? Most certainly! Your daughter, Oh, sorry, the wife on what time Wellness record? No, you queue, we do not have…

Family vacation on lake Seliger. You can afford it? So let and in what does not deny — the level of service mini hotels of justifies the not so high prices. Family vacation on lake Seliger is the brand, the quality is worth paying for.

Well, there are plenty to choose? Although this is not a complete list — bike Seliger, and Valdai more! Seliger, Valdai, choose, and remember:

Relax, so relax!