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Crawling the Internet in search of adventure, the wife came to Valdai. The ancient countryside, not far from Moscow. Learned that it rhymes well with the concept of «Paradise». And, according to the testimony of Patriarch Nikon from the XVII century, really is. The phrase «In heaven’s Paradise on earth — Valday» is not used only the lazy tour operator. That was enough. I thought the weekend killed to death from heavy weapons — categorical: «Go!» sounded the death knell for the planned with friends preference. On the other bells it is still ahead, and now only a short travelogue.

The study of the history of the issue of transport accessibility: despite the fact that through the territory of the Novgorod region are the major rail, air and waterways, decided to go the simplest way — by car on the Leningrad highway. It is done! With the wind in 5 hours, Valday will not give the traffic police do not eat.

Do not eat — without a single penalty we turn off the highway, 4 km away and here it is, a Paradise-Valday! Marvelous middle town, covered with legends. And all around the Valdai — Valdai hills, Valdai lake Valdai nature reserve national Park they call.

The first conversation with the natives. What to see, where to go… and Also valdani — people responsive. Actually not even Valdichiana and valdesi — Oh! Indigenous valdesi sent to the Museum of the County town, the monastery, the Museum of bells and advised a few decent hotels and camps with hunting and fishing. No one called, so did not consider this short article for advertising.

Started with the County. Amazing thing — to be in silence and Patriarchy of antiquity. Things, photos, documents, famous summer residents and the local noble families, from Roerich to dyagilevykh. Passing through the halls like looking through a family album of the Valdai way of life and lifestyles. Impressed…

Svyatozersky Valday Iversky Bogoroditsky monastery — the full name of the Iveron, founded the already mentioned Patriarch Nikon in 1653 ad. Located on one of the Islands of lake Valdai, which was struck by the purity and transparency to the bottom is seen. They say that you can drink — but to be honest, I have not tried. While there is nothing surprising — industrial enterprises in the County there, the muck in the water to drop no one. And thank God! The monastery is remarkable, looking at the domes of the Iversky Cathedral, blue sky in the unusual, and by itself in the thoughts of a husky voice of Vladimir Semenovich beats: «domes in Russia croutes pure gold that more often the Lord noticed». Strong associations. They can spoil even the sight of a priest on the catwalk in a speedo with a strong crucifix. Well from that year in the monastery reconstruction, after the labors, and not a sin to be expiated. Well, somehow touched that construction works are carried out mainly by individuals Tajik or Uzbek nationality (not dismantled). But certainly nothing amazing. Rusichi! Attach the hands to the Shrine of the Russian…

Bell of the Valdai a separate story. I will not allow the poems and songs on this subject — you know. Since ancient times, the Valdai — the center of manufacturing large bells and small bells. In the Museum of the three bells of the belfry, in which to demonstrate their skills and well trained Museum professionals. Visitors are also not allowed to try yourself in the role of bell ringer. I hooted a couple of times in a huge golocalise and swam In the ears. Interestingly, the Museum staff often refer to the audiologist? Job. By the way, they (the dealers) say that the ringing of bells has a healing power. This is due to a special ultrasound — I confess, in physics, the weak, the healing mechanism is not understood. In isrelease ears still rang, and I went from a strong ultrasound away — suffer little amsinckia bells, called «Podgornyi». Ah, racing triple daring! Well! No traffic police, no markings…

On the way to the camp of the forest the road ran over a Fox. Red — just like in the picture, and tail, and a cheeky Fox face. Devil even stopped for a moment — can be seen working, will have time or not. Time slowed down, as if slightly in the rear bumper «Hummer» is not entered. You know, the Muscovite that a Fox on the road, and pterodactyl are all the same. Stupidly looked at the red beast, crossed, went…

Looked at the price lists of hunting and fishing, photo trophies of the successful hunters and fishermen. Proudly put my foot on the carcass of a dead bear posing for the photographer, for some reason not wanted. Decent was the bear — God forbid grizzly to be of such sizes and not our homegrown brown. From November to January, offered wild boar and moose — in advertising brochures and price lists were listed as «hunting driven on the hoof». What has hooves, not any unclean here after? In the Holy place… barely realized that so called «hunting for prey driven». Fishing educated local fisherwoman, «what bite? Yes to all of bite! Despite what the fish…». And fish the lakes in the Valdai (about two hundred!) types 40 — nemeryannom fish big and small! In General, I’m not gonna tell you that that bite, this valuable information has cost me a bottle of white out of the trunk — you ask Wallasey, fishing skilled…

Stopped still at the hotel. Well, cozy — weekend-okay! To hell with him, with preference, let your friends breathe cigarette smoke, and I swallow with delight the Valdai ozone, my friends! I don’t care what you have on crimps and bribery.

Buffet food is not only edible, but tasty, and 150 of brandy for a good night’s sleep Valdai coming — for two 1300. It was definitely starting to like…

About fishing the next day will not speak. Catch to brag about too — humble man that I am… Well, only some of kilogrammchik three-plus went to the fragrant ushytsya, prepared by local craftsmen. Looking at their religious rites with fish and other ingredients (not telling) the Valdai soup, I first realized what a true art. Literature and painting the rest. Of course, there is no complete happiness under the moon — said to the frog-traveler, what is this Paradise if there are no mosquitoes. However, all protivomaljarijnye tools created by mankind, and are at Valdai — made personally.

Back almost all road went silently. Yes, and the wife too! She bravely walked with me the whole Museum and lake way, and only during the fishing luxuriated in the sauna and somebody brought a basket full of mushrooms and berries (they're in the trunk). Who does not believe that she was silent, maybe to Valdai my wife to grab. Obviously, in the soul and the brain settled and digested fine. How marvelous the ear in the stomach. Don’t know about repeatedly described the canonical heaven — Paradise, clouds, Paradise, and ox-eyed houris, but Nikon did something right

Paradise when life on earth is available. Our raseyskoy Valdai!