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School time — a time of carefree childhood when children gain knowledge, every day learn something new. At this time young, growing bodies need not only knowledge, but also in the holiday, fresh impressions, which will help to more seamlessly organize the learning process. The best time for this in the school holidays.

In between studies, the guys will relax from school, gain fresh strength. This time can be used better, if you spend your school vacation at Valdai. Everything here contributes to this: beautiful nature, ecologically clean environment, museums and exhibitions, children’s camps, equipped with everything necessary for a full and active recreation. Children’s holiday in Valday can be performed all year round regardless of the season: the summer and winter, spring and autumn.

The students, and, if desired, and parents with their children can choose from activities:

  • Summer vacation at Valdai — the most long-lasting form of recreation, because in the summer you can «forget about school» for a long three months
  • Autumn vacation at Valdai — allows you to enjoy the beauty of autumn colours of the Valdai region, autumn holidays at the Valdai club will give children an unforgettable experience
  • Winter vacation in Valdai, it is the feeling of a winter fairy tale and a Christmas miracle. A winter vacation at Valdai — the chance to test himself in the capture of snow FORTS in winter sports

While children will be placed in one of the camps, parents may wish to stay at one of the camps satellites, to combine the pleasant with the useful.

Vacation in Valdai in the New year and Christmas

Without a doubt, memorable for children of all ages remain Christmas vacation in Valdai, and in particular, Christmas vacation in Valdai. This is not surprising. Valday — the amazing beauty of the region, located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, which is sometimes called little Switzerland. Especially this beauty is Golden in autumn, and frosty winter, when the forests are dressed in silver outfits, reminiscent of a fairy. New year is a special holiday, a sense of wonder and tales do not leave children during the whole holiday time Christmas vacations in Valday.

School holidays in winter, on the Valdai, the children’s summer vacation in Valdai

Regardless of the age of the children and their parents there is only one requirement — to be ready for interesting, active and eventful contests, competitions program. Students will learn rock climbing, and the ability to provide primary health care, to navigate the terrain. Depending on the time of year, available summer and winter sports, entertainment. Summer vacation at Valdai, a winter vacation in Valdai will be remembered playful mood, perfectly spent time.

Seasons: vacation at Valdai during winter, vacation in Valdai in the summer

Autumn vacation in Valdai, a winter vacation in Valdai would be incomplete without visits to the local monasteries, the Troitsky Cathedral, Museum of Bells, Museum of the County town, the chapel of the Iveron monastery and many other attractions. The Museum of the County town collects and stores information about the creators of the city, its history. Old photographs, pictures, postcards and trinkets keep the memory of those who lived here permanently or used to travel. The bell Museum is notable for the fact that the collection is «live», each bell can not only touch hands, but to listen to him fight.

Vacation in Valdai for students will help to show the ability and skill

The air rifle shooting, kayaking, fishing, soccer, table tennis, and dozens of summer sports await those students who intend to spend summer vacation in Valdai. Fishing enthusiasts will be able to demonstrate skills in fishing, jokers will show their hand at the game of KVN, and the bravest will take part in the game «Zarnitsa». And, of course, youth sports cannot be considered complete without music and songs. Discos and musical shows, dances and karaoke competitions will help you to display your musical talent.

Hikes, songs, food, impregnated with the smoke of a fire, the night gatherings under the stars — the constant companions of childhood vacations in Valday.