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"Valday Eco Club» offers a wide range of the manufacture of cakes to order. For centuries, gingerbread has been long awaited gift for all holidays. Gingerbread decorated with icing, hung on the Christmas tree and give to friends, relatives and acquaintances with wishes for comfort, happiness, peace and prosperity to this house. Donated gingerbread kept for a year and believed that it brings good in the house.

The recipes of our cakes, based on ancient Russian traditions and supplemented by the secrets of the European masters-confectioners.

The stick can make any colors, size and shapes, write the names, wishes, Your company logo, collect a bouquet of carrots on sticks, to make an invitation to a wedding or Banquet, decorate a children’s holiday.

With each client we work individually, the cost of a souvenir stick from 150 rubles.

More information Manager will tell You when you order.