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According to the Oriental horoscope for 2012, the upcoming year will be the year of the Dragon will be held under the control of the element of Water. The year of the Water Dragon starts on 23 January 2012 and will run until 9 February 2013. Despite the fact that the Dragon symbolizes evil, in Eastern mythology it is, in contrast, is a positive sign, which is able to control the water element: rainfall, hurricanes and floods. Moreover, the Dragon symbolizes success, power, happiness, wealth, longevity and joy, so it is expected that 2012 will be positive year and will bring good luck.

In the coming 2012 year of the Dragon happens a lot of bright, highly unexpected events. The year of the Dragon will bring to the forefront the people involved in politics, the military and scientists. The year of the Dragon is especially favorable for scientific discoveries.

The dragon protects the strong, opinionated people, not devoid of generosity and selflessness. In the East the dragon is a symbol of masculinity, a symbol of good luck.

The dragon represents strength and power, health and longevity, so the horoscope for the year of 2012 considers this year is favorable for long-term initiatives and plans. In the year of the Dragon many people painlessly be able to give up bad habits plaguing them for years. What is not a reason, for example, to quit Smoking and thereby support our Eco club.

The first half of the year favorable for brilliant and rapid romance novels, many of which, flaring up like a match, did not break out. But if your novel has moved into the second half of the year of the Dragon, be sure you have all the chances to create a happy and harmonious couple, and to come to Valday Eco club, on a honeymoon or a week.

Dragon favors business and leisure travel, discover new places, athletes, who prefer extreme sports. If you decide to risk in the year of the Dragon — risk and not retreat! A desperate courage in the Dragon year will bring you success.

The year of the Dragon for each separately formed, of course, different, but there is no doubt that this year will be bright, sparkling, memorable, like no other, as the figure of this fairy-tale fantastic creatures.

Preparing for the holiday begins in advance: with cleaning their houses and getting rid of unnecessary things. Specially for the festival acquired a new dressy clothing, greeting cards and each family member preparing gifts. In China, for example, many people paint their doors in red, which, according to Chinese mythology, protects from evil. We may have other characters meeting — Chinese new year lanterns, dragon statues, plants, special holiday recipes, and, of course, wear red.

According to the Chinese calendar, people born in one of the following years, was born in the year of the Dragon: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012.

Happy New Year 2012! Waiting for You and Your friends in Valday Eco club!